The St Mary MacKillop Catholic Church and Parish Centre in Oran Park was first opened in May 2016. The church and the community it serves has grown strongly and a temporary tent structure was added to cater for the size of the congregation which quickly exceeded the capacity of the original church building.

Realising that a permanent solution was needed, the Parish engaged EPB to design and build an extension to the church that would expand the worship space to comfortably seat up to 450.  The design challenge was to ensure that the new extension complemented the existing building while creating one large, integrated worship space.

EPB designed a large, vaulted structure fully enclosing the outdoor space that had been used for temporary seating. An impressive new entry façade welcomes you into an open plan area which connects through to the original worship space. The church can now comfortably seat up to 450 people – allowing it to continue to serve the Oran Park community.

The new structure was built on site in 4 months and was opened in November 2020.