EPB provides a full suite of design and construction services combining prefabricated, modular and insitu building methods for efficient, flexible and permanent developments.

EPB understands that a client’s project is about outcomes – whether that’s improved learning environments for students, quality of care for patients or enhanced value for customers. To help clients achieve these outcomes, EPB manages each step of the building process from concept design to approvals and construction.

Our Design and Construction Process



EPB believes good design is about how a building or place works, as well as how it looks and understanding what our customers do is therefore critical to the design process.

Over 40 years, EPB has developed a deep understanding of our clients and the sectors they work in allowing us to design buildings that work.


EPB’s experienced team effectively navigates the complex building design and approvals process to deliver certainty of outcome with minimal delays and cost


EPB is an experienced building and construction manager specialising in the seamless integration of offsite modular fabrication with onsite construction for rapid, cost effective project completion.